Ski school office and meeting point is located in the bottom house of Ski & Wellness Residence Družba****, -3rd floor, next to the ski room and „Ludova“ restaurant. Entry for the hotel guests is directly throughout the hotel, for the other customers from the ski slope Nr. 13 „Biela Put“ Click here for google map

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Ski School Price List

Our pricelist is set up on philosophy that the first steps are most demanding for both, the person who is learning and for the ski or snowboarding teacher as well. But our ambition is to teach you more than just plow turn resp. heelslide on a snowboard. That is why the price of the first lessons is higher than the price of the following ones, during which the skilled ski or snowboard instructor enjoys a pleasurable skiing or snowboarding together with his skillful ski student. Students skipass is not included.

Value added to our offer is our own separated ski arena for beginners with the ski conveyor lift „ski kindergarten“. On this place children and beginners can learn ski alphabet without disturbtion and collisions with other visitors of the ski resort. Entry to the arena is based on purchasing services of Pilgrim Ski Academy according to a valid pricelist. No skipass is needed during the lesson.

Duration of a lesson is 120 min. Lessons start at 8:45, 11:00 a 13:30.

Group lessons require a higher degree of discipline and autonomy from each person in a group. They are suitable for adults and children who are willing and able to cooperate. An additional precondition is more or less the same ski level of all members of a group. Otherwise one can be bored or another frustrated and angry if not able to keep in touch.

We have a quite stabilised team of ski and snowboard teachers that is every year refreshed with „young blood“. The necessary prerequisite to get a job as a ski (snowboard) teacher in our company is a valid certified degree obtained from an accredited home or foreign educational institution.

We are here only for you to meet your demands and individual requirements…
For hotel guests Ski & Wellness Residence Družba * * * * and clients PILGRIMTOURS is provided a 10% discount.

We Are looking forward to see you on the snow!