Ski servis jasna

We have have ski technicians with 15 years of experiences with servicing ski equipment with top level machines in the house!

You need to take care of your things. Skis and snowboards are no exception. We have the leading Austrian and German service machines. Come and check it out.

Ski service is located in the bottom house of Ski & Wellness Residence Družba, -3rd floor, next to the ski room and „Ludova“ restaurant. Entry for the hotel guests is directly throughout the hotel, for the other customers from the ski slope Nr. 13 „Biela Put“.


Ski Service Price List

For base belt/stone grinding and final structure grinding we use the Austrian WINTERSTEIGER OMEGA SBI

Edge tuning we execute at German REICHMANN DTS-U PRO.

What trend will be followed in the future in the area of ski rental and their service?

Requests, or customer wishes, are still moving towards immediate service. Customers do not have the time and expect to adapt to their timetable – which means that skis after a binge, Kávičke, when taking a vacation, i.e. when entering a rental or service, can immediately borrow or take Vyservisované as soon as possible. For these services, however, individual manufacturers ‘ instructions on the winter ski sports material are also the most important, and they can be adapted to sport in the area of use.

For example, in the Skialpinism area, the edges of ski are important – with a smooth sklznicou and a special angle edge so we give the customer the best that they can expect from these skis.

In the area of alpine skiing customers are going to travel to a ski rental trip. Here are the ski rentals each year, equipped with the latest models and perfectly prepared Lyžami. The customer does not have to worry about their service, he is commonplace for every super rental.

We therefore decided to provide ski and snowboard rental for the entire ski season in our Pilgrim ski Academy. Also after years experience with rental and ski service in the bright Low Tatras resort, we try to prepare skis and snowboards at the best possible level to ensure that our customers are satisfied. During the ski service we decided to buy a machine for the angle and tuning of ski and snowboard edges from the 2018/2019 season, which shortens service time by 12 to 15 minutes when preparing the ski for the four family. It is a poloautomat REICHMANN DTS-U PRO.

Why service skis and how service we? Do you have super skis? Come and have them serviced to us on Super machines!

Ski and board service on Poloautomatoch REICHMANN DTS-U PRO and WINTERSTEIGER OMEGA SBI.

For skiers, it is very important that their gear is functional, because only the precise ready gear ensures safety and entertainment on the slopes. We recommend servicing more often than sporadically. If Servisujete skis and snowboards regularly, you extend their lifespan and make you feel safer on the slope. It also depends on the angle and tuning of edges, composition and impregnation of the running surface. These actions can be done several times per season (it depends on the snow conditions where lyžujete, stones on the slope, natural snow, technical snow), in any case at the end of the season, however, do not forget the full service, where you will be in service Pozalievané the crease On Sklznici (special matter), sharpened and vytuningovanéed edges and impregnated sklznica and edges to bring through the summer Nehrdzaveli.

How service?

Basic Pregrinding running surface we do on the machine WINTERSTEIGER OMEGA SBI, on the sanding strip and stone. This will remove the inequality and impurities of the Sklznici, and at the same time, the creases appear on the Sklznici, which will be poured using a special auxiliary material, which we melt in the Tavnej pistol REICHMANN POLYMASTER. Mechanical cleaning lines achieve the perfect connection with material from Tavnej pistol and Sklznicou. Thus prepared lysis-snowboard gently prebrúsime on the sandpaper and we compare to the stone. This will achieve a straight sklznicu with a soft linear structure.

We are making the final structure on the machine WINTERSTEIGER OMEGA SBI.

Since the finishing structure actually depends on the ski slip. Depending on what snow and what kind of (character) skis you use, the depth and shape of the structure will be determined. The more wet the snow is, the deeper the milling into the running surface-this will ensure better water evacuation between snow and Sklznicou.

Sanding on stone-pros/Cons


  • Absolutely flat sanding
  • Exact sanding
  • Sklznica without Hair
  • Good sliding features i u nenavoskovanej lyži
  • It is possible to create different depths of roughness and different structures


  • The final adjustment of the edge must be transferred (the structure remains in the edge)

Comparison of sanding on the waist/stone

Transverse incision after sanding the waist:

  • Sklznica slightly Hollow
  • Edge slightly rounded
  • Sklznica slightly hairy

Transverse cut after grinding stone:

  • Total flat (balanced) Lyža
  • The edge of the total flat, perfectly prepared for further grinding
  • Sklznica whole without hair

The result of sanding on the waist

The result of sanding on the stone

Skis before and after service

What does the structure serve?
The structure reduces friction between the mat (snow) and the Sklznicou. In cold, kryštalickomed snow, the area of the skis should be as smooth as possible to ensure the least possible friction.

In wet snow, the deeper structure in sklznici skis is better because it reduces friction. The airspace between the area of skis and snow prevents the “suction effect”.

We make angle and tuning of edges on the machine REICHMANN DTS-U PRO. Angle and tuning of edge technology HQT – High-Quality-tuning is a groundbreaking novelty between service machines for angle and tuning of ski edges. With a single passage of skis, both side edges and both bottom edges are grounded with one ski ride (constant pressure and full-length speed).

No more šmirgeľ when finishing edges!!!

The result of this process is that from the machine Výjdu skis, snowboards perfectly sharpened, vytuningovanéed and also polished and prepared in a few seconds. This reduces the waiting time.

Before Angles and edge tuning, we measure the value (the size of the ski edge angles) using special protractors to ensure precise angle and tuning of edges. In this way, you will not experience any changes in their driving properties after the ski service re-measurement the edges of the edge, these will be the same as for new ski jumping.

Lateral edge angular-REICHMANN DTS-U PRO

The size of the lateral edge angle depends on the experience of the skier and the nature of the skis. The angle is achieved by downforce two ceramic blades (both edges simultaneously) on the sides of the skis range from 87 ° to 89 °. The right angle ensures excellent contact of the edge with the snow throughout the arc.

Tunning Bottom Side – REICHMANN DTS-U PRO

– Tuning of the bottom edges is done by tuning the entire length of the bottom of the edges (both edges simultaneously). The angle of tuning – under grinding is between 0, 5 ° to 1.5 ° (the most used is 0, 5 °-0.75 °). Tuning will ensure easier boarding and removes the so-called. Cutting edges. This will also achieve the perfect polishing of the lower edges and the removal of the residue structure after the stone. Tuning Edge is done using paralerných abrasive stones with constant inclination angle, constant feed speed and downforce to lysis (snowboard).


Waxing is the final phase of the ski and Snowboard service. When waxed, Sklznica must be impregnated with wax and dulled after grinding. For waxing we use Voskovačku ICEBERG, where we apply to a hot cylinder wax, which is then applied to the SKLZNICU and the next reel is lyža polished. This will make the lyža even faster and more controllable. On request, we can nainpregnovať skis also by hand zažehlením.